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Playing It Cool (2014)

Playing It Cool (2014)

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Unrequited love motivates a guy to write about his experiences .

Sep 26,2014

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance

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Size: 770 MB
Length: 94 Minute(s)
Resolution: 720p
A screenwriter working on a script for a romantic movie is having a hard time because he is a little jaded when it comes to love since his mother abandoned him when he was a boy. So he spends his time ruining every relationship he has. But he really needs to make the script, so he turns to his friends for their experiences. But it's not enough. He then meets a girl who captures his heart. Problem is that she's already engaged. But she allows him to be her friend .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Brief sex scenes, no nudity. In a scene that depicts the male protagonists overwrought imagination about his love interest having sex with another man, an aerial shot showing the man lying on top of the woman in bed is seen. While there is no nudity as their lower bodies are obscured under the sheets, explicit thrusting motions are visible. The film also contains an implied sexual scene featuring upper body shots of a man and woman undressing before she lies on top of him and then rolls off him. In addition, there are frequent verbal sexual references as the main character ponders about sex and relationships with his buddies. In one scene, a man illustrates the sexual position of a male on top of a female by drawing stick-figures on a napkin, as he talks about how the two figures are supposed to be having sex.
violence A man hits another man's head with a spade. A fight between the two men. The scene is brief.
profanity The film also contains some use of the swear word 'f**k' as uttered by the main characters out of anger or frustration.
alcohol A man drinks a beer. Brief.
frightening Recommended for persons aged 18 and above. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for language and sexual content

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