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Million dollar crocodile (2012)

Million dollar crocodile (2012)

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A 36 foot crocodile goes on the rampage in Beijing after being moved from a peaceful Crocodile Farm and onto the menu of a local gangster.

Jun 08,2012

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action

Ratings: 7 / 10 from

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Size: 782 MB
Length: 88 Minute(s)
Resolution: 720X304

Xiao, befriends Amao a 36 foot crocodile, who lives on his fathers croc sanctuary. Xiao's father is forced to sell his crocodiles to a gangster who plans to use them for high priced meals. Before Amao is due to be slaughtered, he escapes, slaying his captors in the process. Amongst the chaos, Amao accidentally swallows a bag with $1 million dollars inside. When rumor's of this spread, the town locals are split with some fearing for their lives and others set out to capture and kill the crocodile, at any cost.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Man rubs on his girlfriends thigh while he is driving. She is wearing a skirt and his hands move pretty far up, however, they never reach her genitals. Young boys swimming completely nude. Penises are shown, however the scene is very innocent and "natural". Absolutely nothing sexual implied in this scene.
violence Most of the violence involves animals, but nothing overly gory. One man is knocked into crocodile pit and is presumed to be eaten by crocs. Only blood in the water is shown, and crocodiles are piled on top of each other, like they were competing for the "food."

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